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Did you Know?

Costa Rica is the oldest democracy in Latin America.
Costa Rica has no military.
Costa Rica has a literacy rate of 97%, the highest in Latin America.
Costa Rica has devoted 25% of its land to National Parks and protected lands, ensuring excellent ecotourism and soft adventure options.
Our currency, the Colón, was named after Christopher Columbus.
Costa Rica is only 2.5 hours from Miami and 3 hours from Houston.
Within it's 51,200 square kilometers there is a wider variety of species of birds than in all of Europe or North America. With a relatively small population of roughly three million inhabitants, Costa Rica also boast of one of the oldest and more consolidated democracies in Latin America. In 1869 the primary education for both sexes was declared obligatory and free of cost, defrayed by the State. In 1882 the death sentence was abolished. In the year 1949 the armed forces were abolished and in 1983 a Perpetual Neutrality was proclaimed. Prestigious international human rights organizations have their headquarters in Costa Rica.. Because of this, of its lush 1500 kilometers of tropical sun-bathed beaches and the wild diversity of flora and fauna to be found in it's wide array of microclimates, Costa Rica has justifiably earned it's reputation of paradise regained.

Weather & Climate

Costa Rica's microclimates vary from the barren cold volcanic tundra to the exotic cloud forest, from the deep dense jungle of Talamanca to the tropical dry forests of Guanacaste, from quiet gold-hued beaches where the Baulas Tortoises build their nests to the winding Tortugero Canals where the crocodile is king. Even so, Costa Rica's overall climate can be best described as mild. Being located within the tropics, seasonal changes in Costa Rica are not as drastic as they are in countries on other latitudes. There is a 'dry" season (equivalent to summer and